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“Discover How to Add Percussion Skills to Your Repertoire,
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Essential Percussion for Drummers’,
The Ultimate Intro To Percussion For Kit Players Who Need A Place To Start


In July of 1998, as an 18 year old student, I had just finished studying my first year Jazz degree, when the phone rang.

It was one of those phone calls that would change my life...

"Brring brring…"

The guy on the other end of the phone was a musical director who invited me to play a theatre show with a world class band, for £600 (around $850) a week. At the time back in the late 90’s, I’d been playing bar gigs and working a Saturday job in a record store,so the offer was worth a lot of money!

I convinced my parents to let me have a year off from my degree so I could go and take a ‘real’ gig.

Then I got an email introducing me to the members of the band.

My heart sank.

I was listed as ‘Percussion’

I had sent my resume to an agent, who in turn had sent it to the The Musical Director.

I checked what I’d written, and sure enough, at the top of my resume, it said "Drums and Percussion!” I had been called out!

Still, with a hunger to break into the industry professionally, I nervously took the gig. I maxed out my credit card to buy some new gear, and then dug out my ‘Latin Percussion’ notes from a course I wish I’d paid more attention to!

This was the start of my exciting music career.

I threw my heart and soul into improving my percussion skills, and every day I improved a little more.

I ended up working with that same band for almost 10 years alongside a drummer who would berate me show after show for playing over his parts, playing the wrong parts, playing out of time, and not listening!

Most of the time, he was absolutely right, I still had a lot to learn!

Nevertheless, we ended up touring the UK and Europe together, and when he was arrested it gave me another big break to move over to the drums. I’ll save the arrest story for another time ;-)

Fast forward to today… in the last 10 years I’ve had the privilege of recording albums with countless well known artists on major labels, as well as performing live with some big names like The Bee Gees Robin Gibb, Ronnie Wood, Mick Hucknell from Simply Red, Paul Carrack, and Beverley Knight. So many wonderful times! It was a particular thrill for me to be invited to play percussion for Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones) at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

In fact, after one of the Royal Albert Hall shows, I was approached by the head of a Masters degree program in music, who asked if I would like to join their faculty to teach a Percussion degree course. It was a great honor.

I accepted, and after almost 6 years of teaching at the university (while still doing gigging and session work) I left to go back to playing full time.

Anyway, that’s my story but I now want to turn the focus over to YOU. The most important thing you need to know about playing percussion: Percussionists don't hire percussionists. Other musicians do. The musicians told me what they wanted to hear, and I'm still getting booked to this day. The simple truth is, if you're a drummer, you're a percussionist.

As a drummer, percussion is an extremely valuable skill to learn.

This online video training is the greatest hits of what I’ve learned in the real world, and how I have helped hundreds of music students apply percussion to their music, regardless of their current knowledge or experience as a drummer. I’m confident this course will improve all aspects of your playing, get you new gigs, and ultimately make you more money!

Essential Percussion For Drummers Helps You...

✔ Play percussion instruments with confidence

✔ Add effective overdubs in the studio

✔ Incorporate percussion into your drumming

✔ Save artists / labels expensive studio time

✔ Be a more employable musician

Why Should You Learn Percussion?



I get paid to hang out with drummers because I play percussion ... and in many cases, have become their obvious number one deputy when they get another gig, get sick, elope, go to prison (yes all of those things have happened).


DRUMMERS! If you really want to give yourself the best chance of being in demand and working consistently (for money), you owe it to yourself to get this stuff together.

If you are out there playing now, this will be simple for you. Most musicians you want to work with CAN'T STAND those 'super chops' you're working on. And guess what? These techniques will take you much less time to get together and will pay you back.

Having this knowledge puts you ahead of all the players who dismiss percussion as easy, or a joke. You won't believe the amount of amazing drummers who can't play a tambourine in time for 4 bars, let alone a whole song (maybe you are one). But you don't have to be!


I’m really interested in learning traditional Latin percussion rhythms, will this help?

❌ No. While I am playing what is known as ‘Latin’ percussion instruments, I don’t cover percussion from that angle. This is all about getting pop/rock drummers started. Far greater and more qualified people than me have already produced incredible content to help you with more traditional techniques and rhythms. However, I have included an additional set of videos focussing up-close on congas. You’ll discover how to create various sounds and play the Tumbau, the most commonly played rhythm.

Can I learn even if I don’t own much ‘percussion’.

✅ Yes! Most of the videos focus on very affordable instruments you can buy for a few dollars, or even make yourself. The techniques and concepts can be applied to music and rhythm and there are plenty of examples of how to apply percussion and more percussive thinking to your drumming.

I’d like to get to know more drummers, will EP4D help?

✅ Yes. If you can play percussion, you get to jam with other drummers. Much of my ‘percussionist’ life has led to working with world-class drummers who I could only have dreamt of meeting, let along sharing the stage with. So when you think about it, I’ve been paid to have drum lessons with guys who are too busy to teach! Working on percussion for a show or artist has often led to me filling in for the drummer when they couldn’t make the date.

I want to learn faster licks and have chops that impress, will E4PD help?

❌ No. While I have spent an incalculable number of hours down the ‘flash drumming YouTube’ rabbit hole, I’m not you’re guy if you want 'monster chops’. Everything in EP4D is designed to be applied to band, ensemble and song playing. Although being able to listen and choose what to play in what moment is the most under-rated ‘monster chop’ of all!

What You’ll Learn



Discover How You Can...
🥁Play the shaker with different feels.
🥁Use long notes to compliment drum grooves.
🥁Keep time standing up.

Triangle & Guiro

Triangle Guiro.png

Discover How You Can…
🥁Use Triangle to compliment hi hat patterns.
🥁Use Guiro technique to improve your brush playing.
🥁Check your technique with a pen and paper!

Multi Perc & Percussion On Drums

Discover How You Can…
🥁 Create patterns emulate / replace drum grooves.
🥁 Add simple effects to fatten up drum grooves.
🥁Play shaker and tambourine and drums at the same time!


Tambo Screen.png

Discover How You Can...
🥁Spice up grooves with tambourine
🥁Play fast rhythms without getting tired
🥁Add multiple tambourine sounds to your grooves.

Congas & Multi Percussion

Congas Multi Percussion.png

Discover How You Can…
🥁Play congas that will cut through loud drummers.
🥁Create patterns & fills that fit with drum grooves.
🥁Apply drum set up mind set to conga paying.


Bonus Percussion.png

🥁 Useful Tips
🥁Behind the scenes interview
🥁Gear walk though

What The Pros Say

A few kind words from top world-class drummers


“I’ve played drums for over 25 years. Despite owning some congas, tambourines, and plenty of shakers I still never felt confident playing percussion on recordings. Watching Toby’s essential percussion videos immediately gave me a new found confidence - the confidence that comes with simply knowing what you’re doing. The idea of playing percussion is now an exciting one rather than an intimidating one. Thanks Toby!!”


Billy-Ward-Essential Percussion.jpg

"Very Much Worth Checking Out"

BILLY WARD | USA | Multi-Award Winning Session Drummer & Educator

Johnny Boyle Essential Percussion.jpg

“Great to have you over.. Super masterclass.
You inspired me to do some conga practice...”

— Johnny Boyle | Head of Drums, BIMM, Dublin, 2017

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43 videos with over 65 minutes of video covering some of the the most used and requested percussion instruments in pop and rock music including:

✔️ Tambourine
✔️ Shaker
✔️ Congas
✔️ Guiro
✔️ Triangle

All Footage:

• Filmed in and mixed at a professional recording studio.

• Contains real teaching! Watch me help 3 drummers starting their pro careers get to grips with percussion.

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About Toby 

Toby Perc Shot.png

Hi! I'm Toby Goodman - A professional Drummer/Percussionist based in London, UK and I've been lucky enough to make my living as a musician for over 15 years (you'll see a few of my credits below).

As a drummer, I've always loved playing percussion and incorporating it into my kit playing. But... I always struggled finding resources that explained hand percussion to drummers in the context of popular music. 

So I created 'Essential Percussion For Drummers'. An easily accessible fly on the wall lesson to help drummers play percussion and be more useful!